neither should be their first dance.


About Us


Our passion for dance determined us to go beyond performing and competing at national and international competitions. We wanted to bring the techniques and mostly the fun experience of dancing to the large public, to challenge people with no experience become more confident about their dancing skills.

Here at Wedding Dance Madison, we provide a positive environment for people of all ages to experience ballroom dancing both as an aesthetic and a self-exploratory process. We strongly believe that beside the technical aspect and all the steps that need to be learned for a specific dance style, everyone can discover that dancing is a wonderful way of getting to know yourself, as well as communicating with your partner in a unique manner.

Our interests and understanding of teaching go beyond having the skills of a dancer. Our goal is actually not to simply teach dance, but to provide the type of education that focuses on the development and empowerment of each individual, in an atmosphere that makes learning to dance a fun and positive experience.